Welcome to Fairfield CoWorking

Welcome to Fairfield CoWorking

Welcome to Fairfield CoWorkingWelcome to Fairfield CoWorkingWelcome to Fairfield CoWorking

flexible. affordable. Free advisor.


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Launch Your Business Idea: Advance your business aspirations. Cost effective meeting rooms and co-working. WiFi and Coffee. Free consulting help and employee salary subsidies. Private office suites from $220 to $375/mo or more, Plus Overhead. Overhead is over 50% off traditional space. Network with 100+ entrepreneurs. Far more entrepreneurs based here than any other office building in the Solano-Napa market. 24 / 7 access 365 days a year.

Meeting Rooms: Have modern digital screens, WiFi and unlimited free coffee. Or opt for the simpler magic marker boards. Modern conference calls. Small $20 Hr, Medium $25/Hr and Very Large  $48 / hr. 

Private Suites: Rent month to month or longer. 

Extensive Support: Free consulting for your new or existing business available from government grants. Also government grants to subsidize employees you may hire. Advice for  marketing, networking and technical support. Your free dedicated phone on modern system, with paid option for receptionist to answer calls in your name. Professional setting.

Guaranteed Best Deal: Best prices and most flexibility in Solano Napa guaranteed. ¢4 Copies. 

Ask For The 40 Advantages At Fairfield Co-Working!


advantages over any competition



Unlimited Coffee

WiFi Super Fast

Meeting rooms

4¢ Copies. Color 24¢
Own desk with drawers

No Deposit

$15     Daily

$175  Monthly 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Fri

$290  Monthly 24/7 access.

Private Fairfield Suites

Rent alone is $220 - $400/mo for your private suite with 24/7 access. Plus overhead is more cost effective and hassle free than doing it on your own. Includes fast internet plus all utilities, coffee, janitorial, receptionist and much more. Ask for the 40 benefits. Total rent plus discounted overhead $440 to $800 mo. Higher for short term. Best price guaranteed.

Rotating Private Suites: $175/mo. For single recurring day of the week. For example, $175 each Monday of the month.

Free Business Consulting: From our partner Solano Small Business Development Center and Solano Business Incubator.

Shared Modern Kitchen: refrigerator, microwave. Hot and cold filtered water machine. Vending machine. Main kitchen by lounge, plus two free kitchenettes. 

Clean 27,000 sq ft Office Building: 80 Rooms. 10 clean bathrooms. More upgrades coming.

Save Time & Hassle. Only pay for what you need.

Receptionists: Professional and friendly.

Bring your computer. Free electricity. 

Six Meeting Rooms: For promotions, trainings, brainstorming, etc.

Modern security systemincludes wireless key fob.

More Entrepreneurs Based Here: More companies compared to any other known office building on highway 80’s corridor in Fairfield, next door Suisun City, Vacaville, Dixon and Napa County. Plus probably more than West Sacramento and Davis in Yolo County. Plus compared to Vallejo, Benicia and Napa office buildings.

Free Scanner With Sheet Feeder. Sends to email.

Often Less Crowded: Can be less crowded than WeWorks ™ or Regus ™, which are only located outside Solano, Napa and Yolo Counties. More peace of mind.

Central Solano Location: Near Vacaville, Sacramento, Vallejo & Napa:

Short driving times due to being near highway 80 and highway 12. Seven min from central Vacaville. 38 min from Sacramento. 10 min from Vallejo. Normal driving times from free parking lot.

Free Rent For Referral: Bring a coworking user and you both get free rent. Terms: Your free rent equals the length of their initial co-working term. Plus your friend gets free coworking equal to their first prepay time period.  Max one month free co-working for each of you. Or opt to share a private suite with negotiable free rent.

Stable Landlord Owned Fairfield Office Building Since 2000. Most California co-working services like WeWorks ™ or Regus ™ don’t own the space you rent. Your service company is obligated to pay rent to their landlord. What happens if your co-working master tenant can’t afford to pay the rent? WeWorks and Regus are registered trademarks for WeWorks and Regus. They aren’t affiliated with us.

Good long term Reputation: honest and reliable. Since Jan 2000.

Simple Total Price: One total upfront price for your co-working or private office space, and overhead. Your overhead is much more affordable than traditional office spaces. Typical bill is amount given, plus any 4¢ copies and any conference rooms over allotment.

Future Of Co-Working In Solano County: Demand for co-working has historically been considerably higher in downtown San Francisco and Manhattan.  Co-working spaces in Solano and Napa had many empty co-working sitting spaces left empty. Former Napa Co-working clients can get free rent by moving here. However to stay ahead of the curb Fairfield CoWorking offers itself for those who want co-working. While there is minimal demand and supply of office spaces in Solano County, relatively speaking, private office suites appear relatively more in demand than co-working in Solano County's seven cities of Benicia, Dixon (near UC Davis where co-working is more popular), Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vallejo and nearby Napa Valley. We can't be specific as co-working is a new thing with little history, which is one of the reasons high flying WeWorks ran into troubles.

New Fairfield Co-Working Director Wanted: Requires your good skills to help startups launch their business on a shoe string. Probably no startup capital required from the director. Bring your enthusiasm and notebook computer. Keep 100% of profits (all and any monies receive minus our reasonable costs). Get the word out and make co-working in Solano County a success. Earn 100% to make it worth your while. Year by year contract available. Fairfield CoWorking is managed by Solano Business Incubator ™ of California Business Center, Inc. 

* Best Price Guarantee. We'll Beat Everyone Who Foolishly Tries To Compete With Us: We'll not only match, but beat any one else on our price and terms. We have to hustle to keep an 80 suite building full. We never had to pay the $200 guarantee to anyone who tried to find a better deal in the Solano - Napa market.  Ask for out 40 benefits. See those who did try to compete. Real estate brokers and chamber of commerces promote office spaces that might be part of their old boy network. Look around on your own for any type of commercial space. Ask for details.

* Difficulties Others Had Competing With Our Unbeatable Plans:

We beat every other past office space solution in Solano and Napa County since 2000 when Steve Kays bought and turned about the huge stand alone building. Our profits are only moderate to keep down our fees to you. Competitors may not have calculated all the extensive costs for services and backup personnel, while keeping down prices. Co-working sounds exciting but do the number add up? Nobody closely matched our flexible terms and prices, unless someone got a free space from an uncle with no strings attached. Every company we happen to know, who came close to competing directly with Fairfield Co-Working and parent California Business Center, Inc up to 2018, had later gone out of business in months or years, or was stuck with highly vacant space. Tell us if our opinion is wrong.  We must master the Solano - Napa market! Even a huge Stockton business center earlier this century may have disappeared.  We will do what it takes! Our goal is to ALWAYS GIVE YOU THE BEST DEAL!

Disclaimer: Like most things in the wide business world, the complicated opinion requires more details; is subject to interpretation; and may lack accuracy. Only things in a signed contract are warranted.

Fairfield Restaurants Nearby: Chevy's, Rubio's, Solano Mall food court, Yo’s Sushi, Chinese, Mimi’s, Italian. New Mel’s Diner. Fresh donuts. Plus Mexican and Asian.

Easy To Grow Your StartUp: Expand your business at the same location. Just rent what you need when you need it. Offerings are subject to change, though they rarely have.

Private Fairfield Suites: Choose day desk or monthly co-working, or private suites. Zero deposit. Just prorated first month, and last month rent. Rent based on suite and office lease length you choose. Programs from $75/mo. Ask for the 40 benefits.

See All 40 Fairfield Co-Working Advantages Over Competition 

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